On a mission to improve remote worker safety

At JESI we understand that safety is a fundamental human need and the work we do matters. We are a high performing team who are extremely collaborative. We are really good at what we do because we are selective about the people we surround ourselves with and we love working with people with lots of talent, energy and ideas.
Customer Relationships
JESI is transparent, supportive and will work with you to achieve the desired outcomes.
High Performing
JESI is goal-orientated. We know the value of our high-quality product and are focused on getting results.
JESI will make the right call and keep costs to a minimum by not wasting resources.
Great Communication
JESI will always respond rapidly as time is of the essence. We are pragmatic, realistic and practical.
We have Integrity
JESI is always accountable and respectful.
Our Team
There is no room for arrogance at JESI. We provide leadership with respect and humility. We are compassionate and inclusive

The Technology

Our Technology Stack Is
  • Trusted and used worldwide
  • Enterprise grade
  • Extensively tested (Unit, Integration, Data Migration, Functional, and Infrastructure)
  • Highly resilient and scalable with multiple redundancies
  • Built with best practises that allow continuous shipment of value to our customers
  • Productive and easy to work with
Our Tech Team
  • Delivers huge impact
  • Focuses on a proactive, quality and open minded approach
  • Believes automation and repeatability is paramount
  • Is pragmatic, always learning, and dedicated to evolving their craft
Our Back-End Is
  • A combination of Monolithic, Service-Oriented (SOA), and MicroService Architectures
  • Deployed and tested in containerised environments
  • Using an Immutable Transactional Document Database, and Relational Databases for persistence
  • Written in Java and Clojure with a heavy emphasis on functional programming
Our Front-End Is
  • A Single Page Progressive Web Application (PWA)
  • React with single directional data flow and immutable state management
  • Written in JavaScript and ClojureScript with a heavy emphasis on functional programming

A Message From Our Founders

A Message From Our Founders

From humble beginnings, operating from a home office, we have grown to become a well-established company with a significant global presence. With our Head Office located in Brisbane, a national workforce presence in most Australian capital cities and a large global partner reseller program to include Canada, USA, UK and Europe, JESI is well positioned for accelerated scale. Joining our team, is an opportunity to work with a whole range of people with a variety of experiences, skills and capability, but most of all a team that is passionate about achieving results.”

Current Openings

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Enterprise Account Manager

Responsible for leveraging contracts and relationships in existing customers to generate new leads and opportunities and grow MRR by contracting new divisions and subsidiaries.

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